Organic Garden Tips Spring – Summer Fruits


Tips for your organic vegetable garden by Dermot O’Mara. If you like those garden summer fruits, then now is the time to act.

If you like those garden summer fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines, then now is the time to act. If you are lucky enough to have a tunnel or glasshouse you can plant early this month; otherwise, it would be better to wait a few weeks.

Tunnel or glasshouse tomatoes are not difficult to grow well. Grow bags work well, or if you prepare the ground adding well rotted farm yard manure and seaweed, you will have very fruitful plants.

These plants need to be supported. Bamboo canes work well as long as you tie the plants to the cane at intervals. Supporting the plants with a length of string works the best. When you have your planting hole prepared, place the end of your string at the base of the hole. Place the plant in the hole over the string end, fill your soil in around the plant and firm in lightly. Run the string up and attach to a crop bar or wire support line. As the plant grows, just twist the main stem around the string. Tomatoes grow many side shoots, and these should be removed. Water as needed, but do not over-water.

Peppers and aubergines are grown similarly, but aubergines need a little extra space and should be spaced at 45cm.

Cucumbers should be planted towards the end of May. They should be planted 45cm apart and must be maintained on a regular basis as they can grow up to 50cm per day. Twist the plant around the string and remove the tendrils and leave just one fruit per node.

If you have a well-sheltered, south-facing area in your garden, then you may have great success with these fruits. If not, you may want to grow your plants in pots or containers and move these to a sheltered area as inclement weather approaches.

Grow your own and taste the difference!


logo sunny meadowDermot O’Mara,
Sunny Meadow Organic Farm,
Powers Cross, Galway.