Garden Tips December

Hawthorn’s seasonal reminders. Bi-monthly gardening tips for the month of December

Looking good in the garden now


Mow if grass is growing and if dry.


  • If you don’t have a bird feeder (food or water) now is the time to put one in your garden. If you start feeding birds, remember that you must continue for the winter, as they will become dependent on it. Peanuts are a good feed.
  • If you don’t have enough colour in your winter garden, if it looks brown and bare, visit your local garden centre. Consider plants that have berries at this time of year, that look well and that will help feed birds.
  • From now until March is the ideal time for the planting of bare root plants.
  • This is an ideal time to move overcrowded plants.
  • Rose pruning can be done from now on.


  • It is a good idea on a bright day to open the door and vents to dry out and reduce dampness.
  • Protect tender plants from frost with heaters or covers.


  • Poinsettias make a great Christmas gift.
  • Allow plants to dry out. Do not overwater.
  • An idea would be a large terracotta pot at the front door, filled with Heather and Cyclamen.